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Discover Efficascent Oil’s journey from a humble alternative herbal remedy to a trusted household name.

The inception of the country’s most trusted home remedy rooted here.

It was during the 1950’s that the general public heavily relied and seek out native masseurs or manghihilot for the main reason that health care fees and prescribed medicine are significantly beyond their reach, the family of Castillo and Wong in Cebu was determined to propagate their credence in the importance of health and wellness through alternative medicine.  When the bitter smelling concocted oils made from the extracts of exotic plants are every home’s most accepted form of remedy for assorted kinds of illness, this family was able to improve and provide a product that is pleasant smelling, more acceptable and consistently potent which ensures efficacy with every drop, hence the beginning of Efficascent Oil.

With the sole endeavor of providing relief for the ailing townsfolk, they made their home a makeshift laboratory and sold the product house to house until it became popular to the locals through word of mouth and testimonials. Profoundly motivated, the family desired to enhance the quality of life by producing health care products at affordable prices, thus the inception of International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, a company that is now known as the manufacturer and distributor of Efficascent Oil in the whole Philippines.


For more than half a century, Efficascent Oil helps the human hands in giving a healing touch to every Filipino family in relieving various types of muscle and body pains.

It has consequently endured all odds on scientific and therapeutic justifications to bring about the healing image it has today. The popularity of Efficascent Oil touch can be accredited to the highly stressful conditions of contemporary living and a variety of harmful side effects of purported medicines. People are now progressively looking for holistic and natural healthcare methods for their ailing physical condition. It is in this context that Efficascent Oil Massage Therapy has emerged as one of the mainly acknowledged forms of family health activity of our times.


At the present, Efficascent Oil is sharing its unsurpassable success to society through advocating to thousands of massage therapists by offering free training and donating liniments for their use. Unyielding with the campaign, “Haplos, Haplos, Ayos!” we tour around the country educating the masses with the notable benefits of touch therapy and offering them complimentary massages.

Undoubtedly, Efficascent Oil is the most trusted and tested liniment in the country today. Trusted by generations, tested through time.

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